Best Flashlights and Headlamps for Hunting and Fishing

Best Flashlights for Hunting and Fishing 

As the autumn season begins, hunting, camping and night-fishing ramp up. Stepping up your gear is crucial for a successful hunting or fishing trip. The right flashlights, headlamps and gear will take your trip and your catch or kill to the next level. 

Night Vision 

On headlamps and flashlights, night vision and UV are game-changing features to have. Night vision allows you to ‘see and not be seen’ illuminating the path before you with a red beam. It preserves your night vision, your eyes ability to see certain things in the dark. This is especially helpful in moments where stealth is important and bright LED beam would be a dead-giveaway. Drawing less attention to your whereabouts and being able to sneak up on your targets becomes easier with the night vision feature.  

UV Light 

What are ultraviolet lights? It’s a type of light on the electromagnetic spectrum that can fluoresce different substances that would be undetected by other types of light. UV lights illuminate things that can’t be detected by the human eye, where you are able to find prey by tracking blood or other types of bodily fluids. If you’re in a desert or warm climate, UV light will also detect scorpions. Some animals can even see on the ultraviolet light spectrum. For sports fishing, UV light fluoresces the prey of larger fish and will attract them, making them easier to catch.  

Black Light 

Black light is a type of UV light that can help illuminate different types of fishing wire. It can be especially useful when identifying different colors of fishing line in the dark.  

Recommended Flashlights 


Our hunting-preferred tactical flashlight, in 2AA batteries or 6AA batteries, boasts five modes – high, low, flash, night vision and UV. Also available as 2AA Camo. 


Hands-free with night vision and a pivot feature.  

UV Penlight 

Just in case you need to take a quick look around, and investigate your surroundings.  

MORF R230 

More than just an ordinary headlamp–our MORF R230 is a 3-in-1 removable headlamp. When the front of the headlamp is removed, it becomes an LED flashlight that contains a magnet, making it a work light, all while the base of the headlamp stays lit, leaving two light sources. This headlamp can come in handy in those unexpected moments where you might have some trouble with your boat or car and need to take a quick look while out on an excursion. 

MORF L300 

Our MORF L300, a new addition to our MORF series is perfect for hiking, climbing and pitching your tent in the dark. The detachable head also serves as a magnetic flashlight that slides up with a hook that turns it into a hanging lantern. On the base of the headlamp there are backlights that automatically come on and stay lit once the head is removed, providing two sources of light.