Are we light geeks?

In the sense of innovating brighter, longer lasting and more useful ways for you to see what others can’t, you bet. But we’re also a driven, seriously fun, respectful and responsible company.  In fact, we have a 30-year heritage of bringing leading edge technology and beautifully functional design to you in the form of the highest quality products at a reasonable price.

Everything we make is born of innovation. 

From inventing new ways to apply the latest LED technology so you can see what others can’t to our patented, MORF™ Removables that are the first ever headlamps that are also a removable flashlight and magnet light with a base that stays lit.  We’re also not ignoring Mother Earth, leading the charge in creating more versatile, long-lasting, and Eco-Friendly rechargeable headlamps and flashlights. 

In other words, we’re people who realize there are a lot of flashlights and headlamps out there to choose from, so it’s our mission to make Police Security Flashlights the most stellar flashlights on the planet. Period.