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Most Police Security Flashlights are “water resistant,” which means they can handle splashes of water, but cannot be submerged. 

While we strive to meet all of our customer’s needs, at this time Police Security Flashlights does not have any “Intrinsically Safe” or “Explosion Proof” flashlights.

It is possible that we have spare parts such as belt clips and replacement lenses.  Please send us an email with your specific request to


When this happens, it probably means that the batteries have leaked and are stuck inside the chamber. Please see our “is there anything I can do to minimize the battery leak risk?” section of the FAQ on how to prevent this from happening to your flashlight.

• Never leave dead or weak batteries in a flashlight, as they are the ones most likely to leak.

• Replace the batteries in your flashlight every few months if it is not used for extended periods of time. This ensures that it has fresh, working batteries and prevents leakage.

• When your batteries get low (which you can generally tell by your flashlight becoming less bright than it used to be or going from bright to dim shortly after it is turned on), replace the batteries.  

• Replace the entire set at the same time, with new batteries, all being the same brand and type. 

• We suggest you use premium brand alkaline batteries.

• Do not mix old and new batteries together.

• Do not store your flashlight in high temperatures.  This could accelerate defects in your flashlight, including possible battery leakage.

• Inspect your batteries immediately if the flashlight has been dropped or had a hard impact.

Also, sometimes the tail cap (end of flashlight) becomes stuck and is difficult to unscrew.  When this happens and there’s no damage to the outside of the flashlight, it’s likely that the battery leaked and produced corrosion in the tail cap threads, making it difficult to unscrew.

No.  Battery leakage and flashlight damage caused by leakage are all excluded from the warranty.

Simply unscrew the tail cap at the end of the flashlight and the batteries should easily come out.  If your flashlight has a cartridge, simply remove it, and replace with new batteries.  You can view a video at

No. Police Security Flashlights that are powered by alkaline batteries are designed to be used with alkaline batteries only. Due to the difference in voltage, using a rechargeable battery in an alkaline battery powered flashlight may result in damage to the device, and voids our warranty.


It’s easy.  Simply go to our warranty page and complete the form in its entirety.  One of our customer service reps will get back in touch with you on the next steps. 

Our limited Lifetime Warranty is:  Police Security Flashlights stands behind its products with a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Any item that does not perform properly due to a manufacturer defect can be returned for a warranty replacement. Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, nor damage resulting from neglect or misuse. Batteries are not covered by warranty.