Why you need a flashlight and headlamp

Life Happens.
You need a flashlight. Those 50 lumens on your phone aren’t going to cut it in an emergency.

Why you need a flashlight and headlamp:
More power
Your flashlight has a longer runtime and more battery life than the light on your phone. You’ll have a brighter light with higher lumens to better illuminate the area and with a penlight like our Aura, a slide focus feature. You can hold your light or wear a headlamp, like our innovative MORF R230, for a hands-free experience while making a call and preserving the battery life on your phone.

Lightning Strikes
Storms and other emergencies happen all the time, sometimes when we least expect. Floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, you name it. Stay prepared for this emergency with a flashlight. Our Skylar 3300-Lumen flashlight is great to keep in the house or car to grab when the power goes out or if you get stuck and need to pull over in inclement weather.

Stalling out
Car troubles can sometimes be unavoidable. It’s great to keep a flashlight in your car and your pocket just in case your day comes to a screeching halt. Whether it’s popping the hood, inspecting the underbelly or changing a tire, having a flashlight or headlamp on hand is necessary. Our Dover Rechargeable Flashlight is 800 lumens and includes slide focus.

Our Morf R230 headlamp provides a hands-free experience as a headlamp and functions as a detachable flashlight and magnet light so you can have two sources of light while you look under the hood.

Our penlights are also great for a quick inspection.

Unexpected Events
Sometimes it’s nice to have a light on hand and maybe you’ll be the hero who finds the remote in the couch cushions all because you had your Inspector Penlight in your pocket.

Safety First
For those moments when you feel in your gut that “this might not be such a great idea” or “this doesn’t seem safe” having a light to illuminate your path can do wonders. Our flashlights are bright, and many have modes such as a flash and S.O.S. feature for any time you might find yourself in a less-than-ideal situation. Having a bright, blinding light can help you quickly ease the situation and go on your way. Our Zephyr, Blackjack, Aura-R and Aura-RSare great for situations like these.

Peace of Mind
You never know what’s to come – might as well have the peace of mind knowing you’re prepared.

Because they’re more than bright, they’re brilliant
Police Security® Flashlights are created with the consumer in mind. Our innovative products provide high lumens, sleek and rugged designs and versatility at a great value.