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It’s More Than Bright.
It’s Brilliant™.

The patented MORF™ Removables R230 is the world’s first headlamp with a removable flashlight and magnet light – and a base that stays lit. So you can see all around and spot-on at the same time.

Carry Less. Do More.

Adios separate headlamp, flashlight and work light. The MORF™ Removables R230 is all three in one innovative headlamp. Whether you’re a professional, DIYer or camper, now you can bring less and do more.


Work Hands-Free.

No more juggling between an ordinary headlamp, flashlight and tools. The 230-lumen MORF™ R230 flashlight has a magnetic base, freeing you to do your best work hands-free.

Bright enough for ya?

Too much light? Not enough? The MORF™ R230 lets you switch between spotlight and floodlight, putting the right amount of bright in the right place. Light, your way.


Oh, never mind.

Drop it on the ground, in the creek or wear it in the rain. Whatever. The rugged MORF™ Removables R230 is impact and water-resistant. So like you, it can take it.

The Latest,
Greatest Technology

From the latest LED and Chip On Board technology to the greatest in rugged, waterproof, lightweight and comfortable materials, everything about the MORF™ R230 screams innovation. Affordable, reliable, nothing-like-it innovation.



Use the MORF R230 removable magnetic flashlight to spotlight your work area. Eliminate troublesome shadows.


"It’s crazy what you can do with this lamp, I think you guys are going to love it."

– Gary McCreadie, HVAC tech, @hvacknowitall1

"Now I have double the amount of light. I’ve got these lights (headlamp) and the light up here (magnet light)… very cool stuff."

– @hvac_refer_guy

"I was expecting just a somewhat simple headlamp and got much more! I really enjoy using the headlamp, especially when working on vehicles – the magnetic function is fantastic! I like that the batteries charge the main lamp and that when you remove it, you still have a light source on your head. It is very durable as I dropped it several times a few weeks ago and very bright. "

– Stephen Segovia​, Emergency Services​MORF Customer

"I was repairing plumbing and found the flashlight disconnect feature very helpful. It was awesome to use as a spotlight in one position and still have the headlamp to see other hard-to-reach areas while still having both hands free. I accidentally dropped the flashlight from a 4-foot height and was happy when it turned light-up facing me still as bright as ever."

– Mark Sharpe, Construction & DIYerMORF Customer