Flashlight technology is improving rapidly – is your planogram keeping up?

lumen percent increase over time

Since 2017 the light output of LEDs has increased exponentially. According to competitive market research, the average lumens of flashlight planograms have increased 125%, more than doubling in the last 5 years. Many retailers now boast planograms with average flashlight lumens of 506 (hardware, mass, sporting goods, automotive, and specialty stores). 

This is a big win for consumers and retailers alike as the top purchase drivers for both consumers and retailers is brightness–higher lumens, according to our research* 

LED technology is improving every day.  Manufacturers are learning how to better produce and optimize products meaning overall more brightness (higher lumens) and performance.  

Considering the rapid lumen increase over the past 5 years, it’s important to take the opportunity to upgrade your planogram at the right time. Waiting every few years to do a line review without upgrades in between means missing cycles of optimized LED technology. It’s easy to stick with an assortment that seems to be performing, but not taking advantage of new technology is a miss for both retailers and consumers, who are looking for higher lumens.  

Now you decide – is it time for an upgrade?

*M is for Marketing, “Flashlight and Headlamp Audience Insight.” (June, 2021) 11.