LEP flashlights–what are they and what should you know about this new technology?

A new lighting technology is on the rise which could very well be the future of handheld flashlights. 

It is LEP technology.  LEP stands for Laser Excited Phosphor, and you should get excited. It is a developing technology for use in flashlights with a very specific focus.  Used in a flashlight this technology will give an extremely long, lean focused light beam that concentrates on one point, much like a laser pointer but with a broader beam. 

Unlike LED light, LEP emits a blue laser through a focused lens.  This laser hits a phosphor element backed by a metal substrate, which is then reflected, converting the beam to a broad-spectrum light. The resulting beam is a bright white, long reaching light, which resembles a light saber. 

The below (left) image demonstrates LEP while the bottom right image is more conventional LED light.

LEP tight, far-reaching beamLED bright beam in dark

The idea that this technology can shine a tight beam clearly on an object over half a mile away is amazing. It’s easy to see how the technology has uses in the military, automotive, maritime rescue, outdoor long-distance search and rescue and hunting arenas. LEP also has zero lumen degradation compared to LED lighting. In other words, the light stays strong from start to finish. 

Today, pricing for flashlights utilizing LEP range from $150 and up. The future of this technology is bright, and we look forward to closely monitoring future uses that the DIY flashlight consumer could enjoy, especially if and when pricing become more affordable for the average consumer.

The difference is clear. The focused LEP beam has its spot in the flashlight realm with its amazing beam distance and intensely focused light beam which has many distinctive uses.

This is a new, evolving technology that may very well light up some of Police Security’s products in the future.